Just receieved a profile from my worker about a sib set. One has Noonans syndrome. Ive researched a little, but it is one of those that can go from "mildly" affected" to severe... This child seems to be mildly to moderately affected, but there are other issues in her background that may account for her delays and such (neglect, drug use, etc)
My biggest concern is whether this child will ever be self sufficient. (And by self sufficient I mean living independently) I LOVE my kids, but I do want them to one day move on, ya know?
Ive never really thought much about what special needs we would be open to.... Our profile states no medical special needs, I think.
There is no Trach or G Tubes or anything like that, just heart valve issues (minor congenital) and some eye problems (not vision, but Ptosis)
The issues seem more related to the cognitive aspect, which when I read about the syndrome, it stated that most have moderate to normal intelligence.
Anyone have experience??? I know its a shot in the dark, but thought Id ask!
Hi Well I Had A Former Foster Child Who Is 20 Now With Noonan Syndrome He Lived With Us From Age 13-18 We Still Keep In Contact With Him And He Is Going To Move Into His First Apartment Out Of College Dorms He Lives Pretty Much Independently And He Even Has And Takes Care Of His 2 Year Old Daughter
I Don’t Know The Age Of The Child But Your Going To Be Responsible For Taking Them To There Medical Appointments (It Was Over 6 Per Week With Him) So I Would Wait Unitil You Know And Are Ready To Take In A Child With Special Needs