I thought this would be interesting to people, I found this organization:
From the Open Adoption Legal Project:
We know that many people choose open adoption and find that their experiences are completely fulfilling. However, in a number of instances, we are finding that women are lied to, coerced, and have had their children adopted based on an idea of open adoption that is closed. These types of open adoptions usually become restricted or close completely within 3-5 years.
The Open Adoption Legal Project intends to hold legal accountability to adoption agencies and lawyers who coerce women into open adoptions that close or become restricted. Please send this to your list, or anyone you think would benefit from this information, and be interested in becoming involved. We have a litigation lawyer on staff interested in holding the adoption industry accountable.
Please visit my facebook page for any additional information.
Heather Kuhn
Open Adoption Legal Project
Hi Heather,
My situation is completely as you described - Open Adoption completely closed when my child was around
4. My mother has had one visit - almost 6 years ago and one phone call but I have received nothing.
My question is this - My adoption was a private adoption with a "Verbal Aggreement" for the open aspect of it - however we set clear expectations. A lawyer represented them and I had my own.It happen in the State of NY and was in 1998. Do I have ANY recourse at all or is it just a dead end?