Native American Adoptee releases memoir book
I am a Native American Adoptee who has been reunited with my birth family. I have been reunited now ten years (this month) November of 2012.

I have written a memoir that covers my life as an adopted child and adult. I started searching for my biological family when I turned eighteen years old, and was not located until I turned forty.

No matter what I am called, I am more than a name.

Susan Fedorko had always known she was put up for adoption before she was even a year old. And she had always known she was Native American. But when she turned eighteen, she felt the need to know more about herself. She received some information about her birth parents through the adoption agency, but there was so little to go on. She gave up her search many times. For the next twenty years Susie was busy with marriage and motherhood. Finally, in 2002 and at the age of forty, she received the phone call that would change her life. Someone was looking to find her. And what she discovered was astonishing. Susans birth mother was the first Native American supermodel, Cathee Dahmenҗan international fashion model with two celebrity marriages under her beltand her great uncle was the famed Native American artist, George Morrison. Cricket is the incredible story of one womanגs journey to discover her roots and define her place in a newly complex and extended familywith her adoptive family, her birth family, and her husband and daughters. Itגs the story of who she was before,Ӕ who she became after,Ӕ and how it all happened.

[url=]Outskirts Press Self Publishing Presents Cricket by Susan Fedorko[/url]

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