Also Looking for an Agency
I apologize for clogging up the board with a repeated question. My husband and I are just starting the adoption process and are looking for a reputable agency. We have applied for adoption with one agency, but have not yet signed a contract with them. We are holding off because I have read conflicting reviews. If you can please PM me with either your good or bad experiences with agencies that assist with Ethiopian adoptions, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance!
if you consider adopting from africa then visit or email; no homestudy, get matched with a child upon request, adopted through them, i got 2 kids they are lovely, most importantly i paid considerably less for them. i hope this helps.
I have 94 views and no responses. Any help is appreciated!
We are using All Gods Children out of Portland. Our second choice was Bethany. We are currently on the wait list.
We're using America World (AWAA). We really like them and they seem to be very ethical.
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would also like some information
I am also looking for any information as to agencies, I'm 25 and my husband is 23. Thanks!
Hi Debbie,
I noticed that you commented on my post and that you're also looking for an adoption agency. We ended up going with Children of All Nations. We're close to being finished with our home study and ready to submit our dossier. So far our experience with them has really been fantastic. They are always very quick to respond to questions and have gone above and beyond to help. I would highly recommend them.

I hope that helps!
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