Hi, I am the very, very soon to be adoptive mommy to a sweet little man who is struggling with Dyspraxia and various sensory issues...I wonder if there is anyone here who can tell me what exactly we should be looking for in getting him help!? Our Birth to three OT has basically just said that now that he is walking(she has been way focused on his gross motor, not so much on SPD) that there isn't much she can do for him and wanted to drop don't really feel like we have gotten much help with the sensory issues at all! What kinds of therapies have you seen? I don't want to just settle for her word...I want to do everything we can to help him be the best Sugarbear that he can be! Thanks
We don't have an official diagnosis, but when I looked it up, it sounds like our little guy, who is only a month or two younger than yours.
He is in speech therapy and OT with a focus on sensory issues. Here's what they're working on with him:
Fine motor skills (shape sorters, snapping legos together and taking them apart, squeezing a toy to make the ball pop out)
Speech (imitating sounds, sign language, and they recommended we switch from sippy/bottle to straw cup to help develop his mouth muscles to help with feeding and speech)
Whole body movement/planning (making him move slowly so his brain can keep up and get ahead of his muscles, obstacle courses to help with balance and planning, other exercises to help him "cross midline" -- I think that's to make him aware of right and left sides equally)
In addition, they have recommended we do "brushing" with a scrubby and joint compression to help calm him.
I'm brand new at this (he's been with us only a few weeks) so I don't have a lot of knowledge or advice, but that's what I've gathered so far from his few sessions that I've been to. I hope this helps... I would get a referral for an eval from an OT that specializes in sensory issues so you know where to go from here. It certainly doesn't end with gross motor skills/walking!
Thank you SO much! Sorry I didn't see this sooner...that is a great list!
We did finally get a referral to a very good OT...we go in for the first time next Tuesday! I *cannot* wait to get on the road to help!