What difference a year (and a teacher) makes
I cried this morning - after hearing the results of DD's NECAP tests (J is an 8 yr old FAS kiddo but thus far showing only slight signs).
In second grade, her teacher reported she had comprehension issues and was struggling at maintaining math basics. I was ready for the worst (although he comprehension assessment didn't fit with what i was seeing at home)
This year - teacher says she top of the class in reading, comprehension, and spelling. Above average in writing. And, while her NECAP test showed her in the 40th percentile for Math, those scores were much lower than she would have expected given what SHE sees in the classroom. She sees J solidly in the middle re: math
crap, I'm tearing up just writing that.
I never thought i'd be over joyed to hear my kid is average. :arrow:
I know we have a long way to go but I'm so excited i just had to share
oh, i so hope that happens with my daughter! congratulations for you and yours!
i understand the happy average. i have a son who has all kinds of issues. for him, high expectations included keeping his head above C level in grades! we applauded the 70 and fainted at the 80. it was the best he could do.
this is incomprehensible to my gifted son. the expectation for him is 90 and above. he cries foul. too bad--i call it differentiated parenting!
again, so happy that things are going well.