ISO Birth Father Fairbanks 1969
I was born and adopted around the end of November 1969 in Fairbanks, Alaska. I would have been conceived around late January to February 1969. My birth mother's name is Mary Hehnlin. She was a student at UA-Fairbanks. According to what little info has been gleaned from her (she wishes I did not exist even now) is the man in Fairbanks and his parents owned a store there. The store no longer exists. She will not tell anyone his name. I do know she went on to date in 1969 and marry at a later time, Emory Bohanan. I am looking for anyone who might have known Mary at this time and known who she was dating or whatever during early 1969.

I do believe my birth father was at least part Native Alaskan. I do show many physical traits as well as my children show the traits. I do know my birth mother does not have any Native American blood nor does my ex-husband, so I do believe all the traits come from me thru my birth father. I actually have been able to do some extensive research on my birth mother's family and have a relationship with my biological brother. Our mother refuses to give him any more info.

I am not here to flame up fights. I would just like information especially to look for health information.
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