I adopted 2 boys from Cambodia in 1997 and 1999. They are 16 and 13 now. I am looking to meet other families who did adopt from Cambodia while it was open.
I started a DNA Project for all adopted children from Cambodia to see if any of the children were related to each other. The web site is here
We have 38 members now and only 8 have not been matched. The DNA test can find matches from immediate relationships of parent/sibling/grandparent out to the 5th cousin. Most of the matches so far are 2nd-5th cousin. But for our kids even finding one person who is a blood relation at 4th cousin is better then nothing.
I have now partnered with a group in Cambodia who does birth parent searches and have provided them with DNA kits. We just received our first potential birth parent test result and it was a positive match as the birth mother for one of our members.
I am the volunteer project manager for the DNA project and receive no income from helping families find family members. I do this for my sons. Please contact me here in a message or through my website.
Kari Lemons
Project Manager
Khmer Cousins DNA Project