The waiting, what is normal for the process?
We decided in July that we wanted to be involved with foster parent/adoption program. We finished up the PS-MAPP classes in November. We are assigned a licensing worker. She set up appointment for her to come to our home and she no showed. We called and rescheduled. She came over and took all our paperwork and no I didn't make copies. We thought she would go over it with us, but she just took it and said she would send me an email with more information. I have no correspondence from her since the first week of December. I spoke to a few others in our class and they are having similar issues. I sent her an email yesterday, but no response. I don't want to make waves and get blacklisted or something but I really think if I don't keep on them it will be months. I keep hearing about the desperate need for help but they don't seem to think so... It would also have been nice to let us know of ways we could help out while we are waiting for the paperwork to be processed.
So the question is this normal? Does it take months after completion of the class to hear back? We still have to have our home inspection and go over our preference for children.... Some of us are wondering is there some psychological game or is there a reason for the waiting?
I reread my letter and I know it sounds like I am being too anxious but they told us how important it was to get the paperwork and CPR done asap as to not hold up the process. Why the was this rush to get everything done? The classes that these same people taught made us believe it would go fast. I am trying to find information online whether it is just this agency or a normal process. Honestly if they said things will be on hold for the holidays I would understand. I understand they are busy, but then why not explain that to us? I just want to help but I have no idea how.
Everything slows down in December due to the holidays. People are off for vacation and to be with their kids for parties at school and such. We have not moved forward much since we started the process mid-Novemeber. Things should pick back up in January though.
It seemed to take a while for us to be licensed. I think we got done with PS-MAPP in November of 2011 and had everything done by the time class was over, and we weren't licensed until end of January 2012. In this year of being licensed, we've gone through 4 licensing agents, and had 2 placements for a total of about 4 months. If you are concerned about your licensing agent, get in touch with their supervisor. If they aren't returning your calls or emails, that may be a problem. At one point, we basically got no support from our agency due to turnover and lack of training. As you can probably sense, I'm not very pleased with my foster experience.
I am glad it isn't just us. The foster care system is a mess. We were open to foster care but now there is no way we would consider it. So many children need homes but these agencies are so broken and clueless. We are now thinking of just doing the foster to adopt and get the kids out of the system.
I am okay with waiting, I realize they are busy, however be courteous and be up front with what to expect instead of leaving people hanging.
We passed the class, they could have us do babysitting at the foster homes or volunteer while we are waiting to have our homes approved. We keep hearing about the desperate need for help, there must be something we can do to help :grr:
We finished our classes 12/2011. Was LONG process and many delays as well (for everything). But found a teenager for adoption Dec 2012, many more delays for 2 months, and then once we met him, he literally moved in 2 weeks later. They said that was very unusual, but he was ready and we agreed. Now he has been w/us 3 weeks and I am seeing how expensive it is. Mileage in just 3 weeks over 400+, and he eats all day long. Our grocery bill has doubled (and I have 4 Biological kids) but I don't want to tell him he can't eat if he is hungry. He is thin and extremely active, so not over eating. I thought we would get help with mileage costs, but none offered. Are subsidies supposed to offset that? If so, when do they start? Nobody has discussed subsidies w/us, but I see some stuff about it online.
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