Romania has re-opened for international adoption. There is a program where American citizens with dual Romanian citizenship can now adopt. It isn't what it used to be many years ago, but it is a step in the right direction. Hopefully they will re-open for all Americans and people of other countries too.
Here is what Rainbowkids says:
The Romania adoption program is very small, and a program that is open ONLY to couples and single women who hold both US and Romanian citizenship. At this time there are no exceptions to this requirement.
Children Available : Only children 3 years and older and sibling groups are referred for adoption. These children are on a database with the Romanian Office of Adoptions. There are no "waiting children" in this program. By that we mean that no adoption agencies have information on specific children that are available. Instead, the Romanian Office of Adoptions makes a match between prospective adoptive families and the children within their database. Families wishing to adopt through this program must complete all paperwork within the USA, and wait for the referral of a child.
Parent Qualifications: Romania requires families wishing to adopt to hold both Romanian citizenship and US Citizenship. There is flexibility in in the age of parents and the number of children currently being parented in the home. Single women and couples (only one must hold dual citizenship) may adopt.
Travel: Both parents must travel and stay in Romania for a minimum of 30 days and appear in court. During the 30 days of placement of the child with the adoptive family in Romania, social workers from the local social services will visit and make reports for the court. A final decision will be issued after approximately 10 days to 2 weeks. At that time, the family could go home and come back in approximately 2 weeks, or stay until the paperwork (including new birth certificate, passport for the child and US Embassy appointment for the Visa is finished. Total of 60 days needed for the entire process
Timeline: Unknown at this time.