We sent in our homestudy on two little siblings. There were 15 other families who sent in theirs also. We were contacted after the CW received our homestudy through email stating "I will contact you if we are interested in having you participate in a staffing". I know what a staffing is, but how long until people are contacted. It has been 1 week. Is there an average wait time? Do most CW atleast notifiy you when you are not chosen? Our CW is not helpful at all. And acts like she just wants us to foster and not adopt, I know our area is short on foster homes. I think she is afraid that once we adopt we will be done fostering. It is so frustrating to not have someone to ask these type of questions. Thank you.
Here's my experience: if they're interested in you, they'll send you more information on the child and ask if you're still interested. If you say yes, the staffing could be anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months later. The times I've been turned down after a staffing, they either called or emailed me promptly. If after you inquire on a child they just say "we'll let you know if we want to include you in a staffing", I would mentally move on, but leave your inquiry open. Sometimes they may let you know that they aren't going to consider you, but usually you don't hear anything. I should also add that I'm trying to adopt interstate.
Have you heard anything yet? The amount of time can really vary by CW. We had a placement in which it took a total of 4 months to get the darn staffing done after the initial profile was sent out. But that CW really was dragging her heels. But I have also seen others be done much sooner. Good luck to you.
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