Got a call today.
Went on the list Mon and had a feeling we'd get the call today. I already have a infant car seat and had planned to only say yes to 11mo to 24mo....... but something had me looking on CL last night for another infant carseat and stroller. It's pink and gray and I was thinking, how am I gonna put a boy in this thing, lol. Well it's a 2 mo girl so it worked out. She's medically fragile, and was abusedUnhappy Must have been a God thing to have me buy it this morning. We take the hour long drive to pick her up later this afternoon. I'll have two infants in the house, pray for me, lol!
So jealous! Two infants is hard. I thought I might die when we first had two. Then we got a third and I realized two wasn't so bad. lol!!

You'll do fine and get used to it. Just give it a couple of weeks. Smile
poor sweet baby! Hope she is home and in your arms soon!
Ugh, I can never get my head around an abused infant. Our youngest was when he got here and it makes my blood boil.

She needs some hugs and love!!!
WOOOOOOOWWWWW you are a brave soul. I always admire people like you because I could never do 2 infants. I had a infant and 2 yr old at thought I was gonna die. I was so tired...oh and did I mention at that time I also had my BD 7 at the time and a 5yo too.

CONGRATS....I love getting calls.
Congratulations! I bet she is really cute... I hope I get a girl some day. Before I got my fs I started getting some baby things just in case, but I did not really plan on having a kid under one. Now I'm glad! Good Luck! At least they will be interested in the same things and have a little friend around.
Poor sweet little baby- but excited for you and getting to love on her!Smile
Inshape, Have pick up the little sweetie yet? If so, how is she?
Inshape, Have pick up the little sweetie yet? If so, how is she?
Inshape, Have pick up the little sweetie yet? If so, how is she?
sugarmomma73 said...
Inshape, Have pick up the little sweetie yet? If so, how is she?

Well, we left the house at 12p to drive to the hosp which is an hr away, only to find out that wasn't the hospital she was at. Once we got to the right hosp we waited there for 2 hours,waiting for equipment that she needed before she left. She's on a feeding tube and has some other medical issues.There was miscommunication about whether the equipment would be delivered to the hosp or to our house. By the time it got to 4pm we told them that we had to get scooting b/c we had kids at home and other responsibilities. We said YES to the call at 9:30am, you'd think they'd have everything together and waiting for us. It was a pretty stressful day, but she was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

We are going to pick her up this morning after home health drops off the equipment. I'll update you all then. She's beautiful, and from what the nurses say she's a pretty good baby. Alert during the day and sleeps well at night. I prepared for the worst when I saw her, but she actually looks healthy, considering.

Anyone have any advice you can give me on G-tubes? I had to calm my husband down yesterday. He was freaking out thinking that we'd be trapped in the house forever and wouldn't be able to take her out. I know it's gonna take some getting used to, but I don't think it will change our lifestyle as drastically as he thinks it will.
Once you get used to the process you can do a feeding anywhere. You will need to be able to clean your hands and hang the bottle/bag which can be done with hand sanitizer and hang on stroller above baby. Things to avoid after a feed are sudden changes from sitting to lying on belly mostly. The scariest thing is if/when tube or button pops out or gets cruddy. Looks far worse than it is. I would ask home health to give you a backup training session after the first day. If you get early intervention involved-ask if an OT could be a part of her team. They can usually give good training on feeding issues and help problem solve thru issues too!

Overall, Id take a baby with a button in a heartbeat! The ones that make me nervous are immunocompromised and heart issues.

Good luck!

We brought her home thur afternoon. The first night was rough. I only got about 3-4 hrs of sleep, but last night she slept longer. Yesterday we had two different agencies over to asess her, each staying 1-2 hrs. Today is the first day where there's no travel,or visitors and it's nice. She still sleeps a lot and has a good temperament. She smiles,focuses, and tracks with her eyes,something I wasn't expecting. I actually MADE myself think the worst, ie colic, hard to console, just so I could be prepared in the event she was a difficult baby. Glad that scenario didn't play out.

Whoever said two babies are hard is right. Thankfully my kids are big helpers,but it's still tons of work. The only reason I have time to be on right now is b/c the older baby is at a visit for the weekend. Today is a breeze,lol! I love babies and I wanted to see how I could handle two at a I know. Our 6mo leaves next month(sniff), and I don't think we'll take anymore placements until the baby gets well and healed.

Oh yea, and ''alabama'' you were right, the gtube/pump is not hard at all!!
That's awesome she's doing well good luck with her! :cheer:
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