Step Parent Adoption - Deceased Parent
My Step Son lost his birth mother at 11 weeks and my husband has decided it best that I adopt him now that we are recently married.

Given the birth mother is deceased, I am reading that this should be very cut and dry, however the Attorney is stating it is $1500 - $2000 to process!

I have looked at some of the online options such as and, has anyone used these or are they scams?

I realize given the rules of the forum, this may need to be answered in a private message.

I posted a very similar question recently. I wish I had info for you. Good luck with your adoption!
I'm actually looking to adopt my 2 stepsons pro se. I have a similar situation where the birth mother is deceased and the father and I are currently married.
We found some 2013 Texas step parent adoption forms right here on this site and I've filled them out. I will go to our county court and find out what else I need then we intend to file.
Doing something similar. I found updated 2013 forms for step parent adoption right here on this site and we will fill them out, go to the county courthouse and see what else we need then we will file. Good luck.
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