still searching..any family DOB 4/18/79 cody, wy
I am searching for any of my birth family members. I was born 4/18/79 in cody, wyoming through catholic charities. I was given to my adoptive parents on 4/21/79. All I have on my record that I had 1 brother and 2 sisters. It said that my brother was 21 at time of birth and is 6ft 7in one sister was 19 and 5ft 9in the other was 17 and also 5ft 9in. My birth mom is 5ft 11in and bf is 6ft 3in their ages were 41 and 40. Oh and my grandparents were alive on both sides. I have no names or anything but descriptions. All i know is what they were at the time of my birth. If anyone knows let me know.
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