I was born and adopted in Fayetteville, NC through social services.
I recently reunited with my birth father through DNA. I have requested my Non-ID and when I got it back they gave me my mother's birthdate and my maternal grandparents ages at my birth.
My father remembers my mother's first name, but does not recall her last name nor was he even sure she ever gave it to him. He felt she was maybe not telling him much about her on purpose (possibly because she was underage at the time).
I was wondering if my biological father sent a request for non-ID information on me, do you think it would include my birth mother's last name and my name at birth?
I am not sure what is included when a biological parent requests non-ID on the child.
Any help would be appreciated.
Most likely, the answer is no. The non-ID info that is generally sent to the birth mother when she requests it on the child doesn't include any surnames at all. That's why it's consider "non-identifying." When I requested it on my son, it didn't include any of the information I had given to the agency at the time of placement; it only focused on the child and his adoptive parents...and did NOT include any last names. No mention was made whatsoever about his natural father, whose name was all over the papers in our adoption files and the original birth certificate. I highly doubt that if your birth father can't remember your birth mother's surname that the agency will tell him.