Ok, just curious here...How many times does someone have to plead guilty to actually get jail time on Class D Felonies? BD plead guilty to class D felony forced residential entry in January 2011, guilty to class D Battery in November 2011 and has 2 D felony counts of Intimidation for which he goes to trial in February from June 2012. They dropped 8 other charges on 5 arrests and kept these 2. For his guilty pleas, they dropped a total of 5 charges. These do not count his class A misdemeanors. All of his sentences have been home detention or susepnded sentences. When do people actually go to prison?
BM had a class D felony in May 2011 she plead guilty to and is now charged another one from June 2012.
Neither has paid fines, court costs or done community service for their crimes in 2011. When does the court system actually hold them accountable?
Is it just me or is it the habitual offenders that get home detention or probation and the good people that just screwed up get the book thrown at them.
Told ya it was off topic.
Sounds like California, but I see you are in Indiana.
BD should have been behind bars a year ago. Felony after felony and all he gets is house arrest. Does he know the judge or what?
I wish I had answers for you, but I'm just in awe.
sometimes only 1--if it's big enough.
in a graded system of justice you have to expect that not all convictions will result in prison time. sometimes they get home detention. sometimes probation. sometimes county or state jail. sometimes the big prisons.
it's an "it depends" situation.
here, class A usually gets prison time--but not always.
Holy cow...around here they would both be in jail. Dad has spent most of his year in prison for theft and probation violations. Mom has spent 3 months in jail for probation violations. She is in drug rehab to avoid real jail time. Her violations were not even drug related...
Where we were from the prisons were all overcrowded. Our AD's biological father had a criminal and addiction history that was amazingly long. His record included multiple DIU's, possessions, trespassing, grand theft auto, theft over 500 dollars, breaking and entering, and assault. The ONLY time he ever got jail time was for fleeing and alluding the police.
BD should have been behind bars a year ago. Felony after felony and all he gets is house arrest. Does he know the judge or what?
He is probably on a first name basis with the judge at this point! He has a long criminal history. From June 1 - July 17 he was arrested 5 times for various reasons ranging from battery, intimidation, dwi, more battery, more dwi but is out in 2-3 days.
I just wondered. I know a lot depends on overcrowding in the jails in the area but I see people sitting in there with a $10,000 bond for theft of clothing while this yahoo beats up numerous females and gets out of jail on a $500 bond. Just seems nuts.