I am from Scotland, UK and living in Hungary now for the long-term. I am an English teacher in a high-school here and would really like some more info on adopting in Hungary as someone living in Hungary but not a Hungarian speaker.
I am a single woman, 23 years old. I live in a small town, in a big flat with 4 spare beds, a big garden and a lovely primary school next door.
Any idea of my chances of success as a single person? I don't mind the age of the child I adopt, the gender or the race. Many agencies mention having a 4-6 week stay in Budapest... as I live in Hungary, would it be possible for the child to stay with me and be monitored by the local social work authority in my area? Also, due to living in Hungary - do I really need an agency or just a translator?
Thank you!
See the thread below under, "Important Notice on Adopting from Hungary."
It sounds like there are very few children eligible for adoption.
Yes, you need an agency...Hungary follows the Hague convention.
You probably will need to wait years, as there are many more people waiting than kids.
I believe In Hungary, there needs to be a 16 year age difference between you and the child...since they only accept requests for 8 y.o. and above, you are still too young to adopt.