Need advice about adoption agencies in Dallas
My husband and I started our journey in October of 2012. We contacted our chosen agency, and attended their first class and turned in ALL the paperwork in November of 2012.
Today, end of January we are getting ready for our home study. The agency has been so sloppy, saying they don't have any proof we attended class A or B- when we did - luckily I have proof of some class we completed - but we will go to class again - which is ridiculous.
On top of it all, they say that even though out home study is on January 24th - we won't get verified until April ( She is too busy).
The agency has made us want to give up MANY times, due to their sheer lack or organization and competence.
We are looking to adopt boys from ages 3-9 from the foster system.
My question is: can we just switch agency? Would another agency take 8 months to get a family verified? Would they accept the fact that we already attended many classes ( 30 hours this year).
We are opened to even paying for the home study at this point. We are so afraid that since we are doing match to adopt - the agency will drop the ball on the children we really want when it comes the time.
Please help - I am starting to get desperate and wanting to just give up.
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