Best place to order domperidone
This is for American moms, since one can just get it from a pharmacy, in other countries. My breastfeeding days are long over, so I don't keep track anymore. But I thought it would be good to have a resource here where those of you who are using it can share with those who are looking for the best place to get it from. You wouldn't necessarily have to post it here. You could just invite others to send a private message for it.

Since not everyone is comfortable using meds, I want to add that, while domperidone is definitely helpful, sometimes extremely helpful, at increasing milk production, it is still optional. I still hear about moms being told that they have to use meds in order to produce milk and I never want incorrect information to hold anyone back from having a wonderful experience with their babies! The relationship is worth it, alone, and even a few ounces of breast milk a day provides a lot of benefit, especially in protecting a baby from illness.
I had my best luck with a compounding pharmacy in Arlington, TX. ([URL=""]Randoll Mill Pharmacy[/URL]) Their prices were comparable to the internet pharmacies and they mailed my prescriptions to me. I never had to worry about them getting held up at customs or whatever.

I know many folks swear by [URL=""]In House Pharmacy[/URL] out of Canada. I had such good luck with local compounding pharmacies, I never needed to try it.

I definitely noticed the Domperidone made my supply larger, but that I still had milk without it. I had no trouble finding a doc to write me the prescription because I called up a lactation consultant who was versed in adoptive nursing and she referred me to the OB/Gyn who she worked with. I can't recommend highly enough that you get at least a phone relationship going with a lactation consultant! Smile
Your post will be very helpful for those who need it! I'm glad to hear of a compounding pharmacy that will do it without charging an arm and a leg! Back 20+ years ago, I hunted around Las Vegas and then northern Utah, after we moved up here, but never found a single pharmacy that would make it for me.

I'm very happy every time I hear about a lactation consultant that knows a lot about adoptive breastfeeding, because some of the things I have heard that moms have been told by LCs blow my mind. There was a lady here who wanted to borrow my Lact-Aids for a few days, because she was convinced that she was going to have plenty of milk. The LC told her to pump for a month and then start taking Reglan, a week before the baby was due, and that would do it. It would certainly be nice if it was that easy, or anywhere near that easy! She didn't see any milk from the pumping and only a few drops from the Reglan.

I had suggested that she order domperidone, pump for however long she wanted to, and then nurse on demand with the Lact-Aid. Had she done that, she would have produced at least a few ounces of milk, but probably half or more of what the baby needed, and the baby would have gotten all the nurturing. Of course, the baby was bottle fed. I never got my Lact-Aids back, either!
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