It's been a long time since I have been on here. I have wanted to, and still would love to, find my son born March 19, 1985. I hate to say that his birth father passed away a little over a year ago. This saddens me, as this was his only child. Not sure about my sons birth father's mother, if she is still alive, as she was sick also. Unfortunately, I don't have a phone number to reach her. My father has passed away, and never got to meet one of his grandchildren...and my Mother is still with us, thankfully, but is going to be 84 in March. I would love for her to meet her grandson. I myself would love, more than anything, to see my son that I lost so long ago....would love his 3 brothers to meet him as well. Oh son.....please, please read this, and find me. I love you!!