I stayed at St. Faith's in Tarrytown, NY from April to July 1968. My son was born in Yonkers. I had a very good experience at St.
Faith's, under the circumstances. It was actually my first time away from home except for summer camp. Most of the other girls were pretty cool. Of course you can't get along with everybody, but there were enough girls there that if there was someone you didn't hit it off with, there was always someone around to hang out with.
I had a tutor to finish my senior year of high school. Since I had enough credits that I only needed to complete English literature and US History 2. My school provided the study material and my final exams so that I could graduate.
After giving birth and leaving the hospital, I spent about a week with my baby. However much time you spent with the baby was pretty much left up to the mothers. Some chose to leave straight from the hospital and their social workers picked up the baby from the hospital. I had my baby baptized in the house chapel. I knew he wouldn't have the name I gave him but it was important to me to have him blessed by the church. The day I went home was the same day I signed the papers and the social worker came to pick up my son. I made the trip home with my parents in silence except for my father asking where I wanted to eat lunch. After we got home it was business as usual. That was sadder than anything in the world I could have imagined. I was heartbroken and couldn't even talk about it.
My son found me 4 years ago and we have met and been in touch by phone and email ever since. He has a great set of parents and has served his country and has a lovely wife and son.
I was born in Yonkers Hospital December 1968. I have a feeling that my birth mother stayed at St. Faith's, but do not know if your paths might have crossed. I don't know how many women were with you at the time, but was wondering if you remember a college girl, 19 years old, 5'6" brown curly hair, brown eyes, fair skin, Irish German. Her parents had a small retail shop. Any info/insight would be so wonderful! Thank you!