Biokids medical records
We have 4 biokids under 9. Will we have to furnish any of there medical records such as vaccinations or well child visits for our homestudy? I have no problem with doing it, just wanted to get an idea of things I need to start collecting. Or do they just want paper work from our (the parents) doctors? Will my littles need tb tests? Thank you!
Silver the only thing we needed to provide for our BD was proof and results of a TB test for her. Were in Cali and went with an FFA(Fost. Family Agency) Hope this helps.
Thanks! Thats what I thought the case will be. DD9 has asthma, eczema, and severe food allergies and DS4 has sensory integration disorder so I knew that if I had to get records from every doctor and occupational therapist I had better go ahead and get a head start.
No I don't think you need to give them all of that.
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