New Foster Parent watiting For placement!!
Hello we are new foster parents well we are waiting for placement we live in Fort Worth. We have been licensed for 2days!!! We are so excited :cheer: opened to girls ages 5-14 up to two girls. How long do you think it will be for we get the call. How long did it take you? I am so excited I can't seem to think of anything else! Wink

Thanks for all the responses ahead of time!! :eyebrows:
I am still waiting to be officially approved but with that age range i'm sure you will have a placement really soon. Are you with county or an agency? I know some agencies don't do emergency care so you might not get a call on the weekend if you are with a private agency. Good luck, hope you have a placement with you soon.
I am with an Agency. They said we could get a call anytime of day or night. Still no calls tomorrow will be 1 week. Wink
Trying to stay busy and remmber Gods timing is always Right. Wink
Oh and thank you! Wink I hope you get licensed soon!!!!
It took us maybe three weeks between being licensed and receiving our first placement. That first placement stayed for only two weeks, and then we waited a month and a half before we got our next placement. We were open to ages 0-12 and various special needs. Due to what they tell you in classes, we were shocked we had to wait at all, but in hindsight I "get it" a little better.

Be patient. You will be discovered, they will love you, and you will find your home always full. The timing is a lot more random than anyone can imagine.
We are waiting as well, though we are only open to emergency placement for 0-12 mos. We are also foster/adopt 0-4 yrs. My fingers are crossed we'll get a call soon. We've been licensed since late Oct early Nov of last year.
Well, there are a couple factors that may make it a tad slower, but since you're willing to go up so high, I can't imagine it will be particularly long. Last winter, we had two and a half months of waiting (though we did two week respites while waiting for our own placements). Other than that, we've been full. I'm sure you'll get a call soon Smile
Ready and waiting
We have been licensed for 2 weeks. We *ALMOST* got two calls over the last 6 days, but there was a mix up with the phone numbers. We just got it straightened out this morning, so hopefully we'll here something soon. We are in the Houston area and we were told there is a lot of competition with private agencies. Not sure how it all works, just trusting God's perfect timing.

Just wrote a blog post about the wait. You might be able to relate:

Well, did you finally get one? We had to wait 7 weeks to get our first placement! We got 6 calls before our placement which we said yes to all of them but they all got placed with someone closer. Finally got lucky number 7! Hope things are going well for you!
Sinner, assuming it works the same in your region as it does in region 3 (DFW), here is a simplified basic placement:

Investigator/caseworker submits kid's information to CPU (central processing)
CPU puts out a referral to every agency in the region
Each agency who deals with that kind of referral and who has an appropriate home calls their people
Each agency who receives a yes from one of their people submits those families
The family is chosen. Now this could be based on location (for example, the OP and I would rarely even be in the running for the same kids because we're on opposite sides of the region). It could be that a name comes up they saw before. They could get a referral from another CPS worker (how I got my Monkey). They could be looking for a certain quality. They could be looking for....whatever.
CPU approves the placement
Worker works with your agency or you to work out physical placement which almost always must be done at your home
Kids get there.
We got our first placement 10 days after we were licensed. He will be going with family mid December so hopefully we wont be waiting long between kiddos. I'm hoping for a baby for Christmas! :woohoo:
If you are going through an agency find out if your agency is actually accepting placements. I have an opening and have been waiting since June for a placement. I have one FS and have asked and asked for the past 6 months for another placement and was told they are holding my space in case the baby sister comes into care. I highly doubt she will come into care even though there is an open investigation due to facial bruises on the baby and general neglect. She had her out in 33 degree weather and high winds in a onesie and a blanket, that's it, but no one seems to freaking care.

I asked my agency worker to please keep me in mind for a placement and that I wanted to open up to 3 foster kids; that is when I was told that the agency is on hold for any future placements as all their homes are full. And they won't reassess for upping my license until January. The only placement they will accept is the sibling. They have been closed to accepting CPS placements for over a month.
long wait....
When we did FC a decade ago, we never went more than 10 days w/o a child. Now, we're back, having stopped to raise our own... Now our own is almost 15. We've only had 2 placements in the last year. We waited 4 months between each one. I was told 4-6 weeks is normal.... But we seem to have to do more than that. We have 2 beds. Open to two children. Boys or girls from 6 - 14. I still don't get why we have to wait so long between placements. We are open to either boys or girls, have a fairly wide age range... The child we have now will probably be gone between now and just after the 1st of the year. Again, we'll have 2 beds open. I just hope we won't have to wait the usual 4 months. *sigh
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