anyone pick their child from adoptuskids?
We are going through a private agency where you foster 6 months and then adopt. They gave us adoptuskids info and we have picked several we think would work in our family. But when I ask about them our agent tells us "if it works out that way". I thought once you were licensed you could pick children from this site? I'm confused.:confused:
You are correct in the fact that you can express interest in the children featured on Adoptuskids, BUT, then you have to wait for the SW for the child to review all of the interested homestudies and then pick the best family for that child. I guess what I am trying to say is that THEY pick you, not the other way around. My advice would be to keep looking and express interested in as many children as possible.
Thanks. We were so confused. I understand now. I knew they had to review our homestudy but why have some of the kids been on there since June last year? Have they not had anyone interested or that the SW feels is a good match?
I know of a few people that did match with a child from this site. We also look at this site as well for kids. The site is not always updated by the CWers. Also some of the children may be on this site for a long time because they cannot find a placement for the child. I have found in most (NOT all cases) that the children are harder to place. They may need to be an only child or have only older siblings. this is the case for the single children. Most of their needs are usually listed as moderate to severe. The CW has not been able to find a home for the child in the child's county or state so they started looked elsewhere for experienced parents. There may be large sibling groups that are listed and somes of the kids may have mild needs but it is harder to place a large sibling group so they list them on the website.
I should also add that some of the kiddos are in group homes or residential treatment centers so they are not in a hurry to place the child. They are looking for the right experienced family (experience thru fostering or job with traumatized children) to match with this child.
I can add more here on the selection process--When the child is listed, the CW usually waits until there are enough good Homestudies to take to the staffing meeting. Once they have at least three good homestudies, they have a meeting with the child's CWers, GALA, recruitment CWer, etc. and decide which family they will select. After they select a family, they will notify you and your Cwer and then share all of the child;s medical and psychological records.

Your Cwer can usually contact the child's Cwer to find out some more detailed info. about the child (need to be an only child, behaviors, allergies, etc.) It all depends on the CWer and state on how much info. they will divulge before a family is selected.
We inquired on 50+ children on adoptuskids we heard back on maybe 3. Most of the time the needs were greater than our family could provide for, they wanted to the kids to stay in state, or like a PP said, they wanted the child to be an only...
We just matched in state and brought home our 2 children. Best wishes!
We used both adoptuskids and this site to inquire on children. Our STBA son we found on adoptuskids. It was a VERY long process. Many of the children we inquired about were already placed and only listed as a formality. There is a sibling set we inquired about in Oct. 11 that we never did hear back on. Home study faxed. They just went from available to placement pending this last week. The cogs of bureaucracy grind slowly.
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