Two months after being licensed, we are still waiting on our first call. It is getting *very* hard to wait. Sigh.
Are you with an agency or with your local County? I would definitely look into doing respite to get your name out there.
It's so hard to wait! I was feeling just like you do now about 10 months ago. Seemed like it would never happen!
After waiting 4 months, it did and the wait made sense. Just was waiting for sweet FD to be born. She fits here and we love her.
I hope you get a call and placement soon!
We're certified for respite, but foster parents here are usually responsible for finding their own respite providers, so unless someone actually asks us, that probably won't happen.
We're with the county, and they said we might have a wait, but that doesn't make it any easier!
Have you attended any foster parent association meetings or trainings with other foster parents, I have been to a couple recently and it is a great way to meet other families that might need respite.
Your call will come soon! Just try and keep busy. If you could attend a support group I would definitely try and do that like a pp mentioned.
We are doing our first respite now and I think it really helps with the wait. We have been licensed and waiting 8 months. It helps to have an extra kid around even if it is temporary.
We were licensed in September. Got one call for a sibling group out of our range so we said no. Even though we felt terrible about it, we knew it was the wrong fit for us. The right fit came a couple of weeks later with 4 and 5 year old sisters, but the call came the day I found out my father had passed. We had to go out of town for several days so again had to say no. After that we got two separate calls for much older kids that we are not set up for. So we continue to wait. No calls since end of October. Our resource worker says we could be waiting up to a year for our age range, 0-5. It's hard to be patient, make plans, set work schedules, etc. We're just taking it as it comes, or not. We're considering getting an independent homestudy so we can be open to kids out of our state. Not sure what else to be done beyond that. It's difficult when people ask what's happening with it all.
Missed a call for 3 year old twins today. Not meant to be, I guess. Still waiting.
B12 any updates? Bonniemom what happened with your missed call?
No calls yet, not even for kids outside our age range.
I'm beginning to wonder if they licensed us without any intention of ever placing with us.
I hate to think that, but we are a lesbian couple and this is the south. The waiting gets harder all the time, and we'll be pushing three months soon.
Three months of nothing and they call NOW while I'm recovering from something akin to the flu. Guess who may be stuffing dirty dishes in the oven? OMFG, I've got to find the outlet covers!!!!!
They ended up not coming, but at least the worker was nice enough to call and tell us so we didn't wait on them all night.
Oh well; we got a call and now the house is cleaned up...
I hope that you get another call soon.
Right after I got the call that didn't come, I got the call that did.
Just the right child(ren) are out there for you. While I was waiting I used to think, "Well, maybe they are not even in the system yet, so they can't call me." Little did I know she wasn't even born yet :rolleyes: