Working in a school
Well, I finally went back to work after being off for 3 years with the boys. It wasn't something I was necessarily looking for, but it kind of fell in my lap & since it is a job in the office where my kids will attend school for the next 9 years it seemed to be the thing to do.

So, I'm loving being back around adults again, plus its a great environment, but one thing I can say, all the fp training & this forum reading, sure gives me an interesting view. It is amazing that teachers & administrators have no clue about trauma & why these kids act the way they do. We have a couple active foster or adoptive families so there are several "problem" children. I've already been able to offer insight or a different perspective a couple times.

I don't really have a point to make except, yes, be sure to advocate for your kids at school, because its true that often things aren't understood by those who you would think would be in the know.
Completely agree! I struggle so much with the teachers and administrators at my kids school. I live in a suburb where the teachers land a position and donҒt leave. I also live where there arent a lot of foster families. When I started bringing foster kids through my cityҒs schools a few years ago it was the first experience for some of the teachers and administrators. They just have no experience and no clue!

I had a principal call a welfare check on me because the day before I went to the school and made my ODD son put on his pants that he threw at me on the way out to the school bus (little thing but if you have ourӔ type of kid issues you do what you have to). The police arrived at my door and insisted on checking on my son who was sick with the stomach flu. Yes they had to wake up my FS (now adopted) and ask him questions. My FS who been awakened by cops before in his life to be removed from bios. I was so completely angry that day my friend had to keep me from going over to the school and personally confronting the principal. When I got no understanding from him over the phone I called the superintendent. This was the same principal that was the only one to vote no for my sons IEP.

While he has been the biggest thorn throughout the years and I have absolutely no respect for him as a principal or educator, IҒve had to struggle with other teachers as well. While some work with me others just think they know everything about child development and I must be doing something wrong. Sorry for the vent but you hit a hot spot for me.

You said it, you have to keep advocating.
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