I've read several places that Kyrgyzstan has re-opened, but I can't find any agency that is working there!
We adopted our son from Russia, but his mother was from Kyrgyzstan so would LOVE to adopt from there if it's possible....does anyone know??
In 2008, as I understand it, Kyrgyzstan closed to international adoption. The country's leadership indicated that laws needed to be strengthened to protect children and eliminate opportunities for corruption.
In 2010, the country approved a new adoption law and there was hope that supporting regulations and accreditation procedures would be put in place quickly so that adoptions could resume.
As of this year, however, my understanding is that the country is not open. I read an article in the Kyrgyzstan news media, dated last summer, indicating that accreditations of foreign adoption agencies were being reversed and that no new accreditations were being issued, in part because of allegations that officials were soliciting bribes from adoption agencies seeking to become accredited.
For up to date, authoritative information, keep checking the website of the U.S. State Department, at There is a drop-down box where you can select Kyrgyzstan and then view all State Department information on the country's adoption process.
Kyrgyzstan is not open. We are part of the Kyrgyz65 (google it) and one of nine families who got their children out in 2012 after a four year battle. There are still some two dozen families who have been matched since 2008 waiting and fighting for their kids.
Adoptions were stopped in 2008, a moratorium was declared in Feb 2009, and in 2010 new laws were passed. Before those laws could be signed, a revolution broke out and the government was overthrown.
New legislation was put into effect in January 2012 and 30+ waiting families submitted new dossiers, traveled for bonding with the children they were matched with in 2008 (most of them had traveled numerous times before this). Only nine families were able to have successful court dates and bring their child home before the system was shut down under allegations of corruption. As of this moment, there are people fighting to allow those two dozen adoptions to go through, but there are also people fighting to disallow those adoptions.
I personally would not consider pursuing an adoption from Kyrg as they just do not seem to have what it takes to keep their program open and running.
Good luck.