I am just starting this process and am finding that there are not many MAPP courses available in my county. Does anyone know if I need to complete them in my county or can I look elsewhere for courses? In my county I would have to wait until the end of May just to start.
Anxious to get things rolling.
Welcome! Different counties have different requirements -- your best bet may be to call one of your county's agencies and ask them.
Thanks! I emailed several coordinators and here is what I got back from one:
"Florida administrative code that governs foster care licensing allows a family to attend classes anywhere in the state, and use their certification in their home county. So, in other words, yes you absolutely could attend orientation and classes here in Palm Beach County. I would recommend that you let your local agency know that is your plan before starting, just to make sure they’re ok and aware of your plan.
Our next orientation here will be March 6th, and our next MAPP class starts on April 4th. You may be able to find a class starting sooner in Palm Beach County if you contact the lead agency, Childnet ([url=]Home - ChildNet[/url] ). "
I have left two messages for the agency in Martin County and 3 emails now and haven't heard anything from them yet. I am thinking of attending the orientation meeting in Palm Beach County that is next week if I dont hear back from them about a meeting in my own county.
We have two couples from a neighboring county in our MAPP class right now. Also, when I was trying to find one that started sooner, I was told if I could find one in another county, that would be okay. I don't know much about the system right outside my little area, but I got the impression which county you went to for training wasn't too important. Good luck! Hope someone returns a call soon.