Birth certificate help
Hi all,
I need your help. We adopted in August and I cannot find nor get the birth certificate anywhere! I need this for many reasons. Number one being to get her a ss # and two to finally file taxes and adoption tax credit.

So I adopted in Town A
seems like Town A never filed her birth certificate with my town, Town B. neither Town A or B have a BC on record. The states vital statistics office doesn't have it either.

I've been calling and hounding Town A and they said they're on it. it's been 6 months!,

Now what?
I certainly could be wrong but I think that you have to deal with Town A state vital stastics (and the adoption is finalized). The reason that one is not filed is the problem - was this a hospital birth? We had to go through a whole formal process with forms to file out, wait for reply, fill out and send another form.

So if you haven't already, I suggest going to Town A State website and find the form to request a birth certificate. Fill out the form with the information you know and send in form and wait for a reply - we got a phone call asking WTH did we send this in for and then we got to talk to a live person about the problem. She sent us another letter with another form and then we filled that out. This is how the ball got rolling for us. It was worth it because after 2 months we have an amended birth certificate and a social security number (once certificate received, went to ss office and we had the # in a week!)

If there is no birth certificate, the state vital stastic can provide a document, your LO immunization certificate, adoption decree (call the social security office bc some states require the decree to read a certain way - for instance ours didn't have our DD name in the decree so we had to get another document) and then you should be set to go in there.

If it is a hospital birth, and you know the name of hospital, it may be worth a call to them and ask to speak to someone who files the birth certificates and see what they have to say.
our atty had to have it to file theadoption. dfcs had to have it to apply for medicaid. are you sure no one has it? that's so odd
You're looking for the revised birth certificate, right? I'm in Massachusetts, not CT, but ours took forever, or so it seemed. We finalized in October and weren't able to get his birth certificate until May. Nothing happened to delay it, except state budget cuts. We were told it always takes time. Does the State Vital Statistics Office have any record of it? Is it in the pile waiting to be changed or have they never seen it? If you can't get any answers, any chance you can talk to your state rep's office to get some help? Ours is usually pretty responsive when it comes to bureaucratic red tape stuff like this.

We filed our taxes that year using a TIN (tax ID number) for our son, since we couldn't get him a new social security number without the revised birth certificate. I found out about that on this site. Any chance that would work for you in the meantime?
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