Hi. I have a new baby and placing him in a cot. My husband and I recently talked about baby co-sleeping but I've read somewhere that it's a bit dangerous.
Does anyone here have a personal experience about it? Any advice please?
My baby is just 2 months old. :thanks:
We co-slept with our daughter. She had a crib in our room, but it was not next to our bed. I would put her in the crib at night and she would sleep for several hours before waking for her feeding. Then I would being her to bed with us and she would breast feed and sleep the rest of the night. It was safe for us to do it and we know all the precautions about SIDS. The dangerous parts are having overly fluffy covers that the baby can suffocate in, the bed being against a wall where the baby can roll into the gap, or having anything like extra pillows or anything that could smother a baby. Luckily for us, neither of us moves much while sleeping and our baby slept between us. Some people use a special pad with short sides to keep the baby from rolling around in a bed and I had some friend's who used this because their baby had many medical issues and they needed to be right next to her.
I co-slept with my son. I did not have him in bed with me, but instead had an Arm's Reach co-sleeper; it looks a bit like a pack'n'play with the bassinet insert, except that one side is lower and it attaches to the side of the bed. That way he was right there with me, but I didn't worry about rolling over onto him. Logically, I knew I wasn't going to roll on him, but I would have been too anxious to sleep well. I really think it was one of the best things for us for bonding - I could have a hand right next to him, he could breathe in my scent, etc - in addition to the ease of having him right there when he was waking up at night. I had planned on cosleeping until he was two. At six months I realized every time I moved (turned over, coughed, anything) he would wake up, so I did end up moving him into his own room, but he still comes in to sleep with me if he isn't feeling well or had a bad dream (though I will say, now, that I'm glad those nights don't happen often, since he is a very active sleeper and I usually end up with at least one good kick to the kidneys).
I think it's really very necessary for atleast 1year as they very small and cannot be left alone. I would never think of doing so and will not be able to sleep too.
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I co-slept with my DS son. I would put him in the crib which it is near to my bed at night for few hours and he would breast feed and sleep the rest of the night.