I am thinking about your opinion about the right age for sons/daughters to go to school. :flower:
Are you planning to do any homeschooling or not? If you want to start by homeschooling, I guess you just moniter your childs progress and then choose when you think they should start according to their progress and social skills.
If not and you are only planning going to school, then don't you have a legal starting age - ie. all children must have entered education by this age/school year? Here, the legal age is the first school term starting after you turn 5. Because most parents want their children to start the school year at the same time as every other child (September) most children start school aged 4 not 5. If you are born in August you will start school a few weeks after your fourth birthday.
Is that too young? Well, some children struggle a bit, often the summer borns because they are the youngest in the class. But the very first year of school (reception, kindergarten or whatever you call it) should not be a taxing year with lots of work IMHO. When my DS was in his reception year they did a lot of fun stuff to develop learning (crafting, cooking etc) along with learning the alphabet etc, and 3 playtimes a day and so on. So he did like it and only struggled a little with the work, but I helped him and we were fine.
So I think 4/5 is fine for school for the maajority of children as long as the work is limited with lots of other activities included - but other countries start aged 6 and the kids do brilliantly so starting a bit later doesn't hinder anything at all. It might be beneficial to wait till you have to legally enter school or homeschool a child for a bit if they are developmentally delayed etc, although school should have resources and procedures to help with that
I am thinking about your opinion about the right age for sons/daughters to go to school. :flower:
I would say it needs to be completely based on the individual child. Just try to judge the needs of your child, but minimally try to put them in one year of preschool.Some parents suggest that it is better to go to school too late rather than too early, and encourage parents to consider not whether a child is ready for a school but whether a school is ready for them.
This is something we'll have to decide for our LO. Her bday is Aug 30. The cutoff for school is being 5 by Sept 1. So yep, her bday is just 2 days before the cutoff. She will be pretty much the youngest in her class, not just in kindergarten but if we start her at 4 almost 5, then also through graduation. She'll be driving after everyone else, she'll be younger when she graduates highschool.
Some kids seem okay to go to school at that point, but later you realize how much younger they really are.
We haven't made a decision. We may do 2 years of kindergarten or we might hold her back until she's 5 almost 6 or just start her and let her go. It's really going to depend on how she's doing.
For example, we looked at MMO programs and one of them had her class already going to the playground. Um, she's just now turning 1 and isn't walking yet. I don't think the playground is appropriate (you had to see the playground) for a nonwalker. They had the same cut off had to be 1 by Sept 1 just like the schools. Most of the kids in this class were developmentally way ahead of her, some were going to be closer to 2. We didn't put her there.
Instead, taking her age into account, we picked a program where they have a young toddler class and everyone in her class is a summer or early fall birthday. They're all either crawlers or just starting to walk.
When it comes time for preschool, prek, and kindergarten, we're going to have to look at it the same way. I don't think it's a 1 size fits all kind of thing.
I started 2 of my boys at the age of 4. One has an August birthday & one has a September birthday. In our experience they were both not ready and I held both back to repeat a grade. I would encourage you to hold off. I do agree that each child develops emotionally at different times but you know your child better than anyone else.
Have you placed your kiddo in a preschool at all? That would be a good way to discern whether or not they are ready to start kindergarten.