Our 7th Sisters Day
We celebrated our [URL="http://thisreminds.me/2013/05/27/sisters-day-year-seven/"]sevent h "Sisters Day"[/URL] last weekend. We had three Biological daughters when we adopted Julia, then age 6, from Children's Home #47 in St. Pete. So rather than celebrate "Gotcha Day" and leave them out - we do a "Sisters Day" and include them all.

Looking forward to many more!

[url=http://thisreminds.me/2013/05/27/sisters-day-year-seven/]Sisters Day Year Seven | This Reminds Me[/url]
Great update! Thanks for sharing. She's so grown up, its hard to believe she's going into 7th grade!
Congratulations on your 7 year anniversary! I like how you call it "Sisters day."
Love to here how your girls are doing. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

P.S. I tell my boys that a woman loves a man that can cook.
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