Daughter of 2+ years keeps injuring daughter adopted at birth. She has very nearly killed her by suffocation, drowning attempts, tried to push her from heights. Her injuries usually involve the eyes. I am worn out trying to keep my oldest alive, while trying to get the other the help she needs. She is on Risperidone & ADHD drugs.
You can get through this. Get support FOR YOU!
Check out christine moers' blog: [url=]welcome to my brain . net[/url]
She has links to the trauma mama map & other parents who are also raising RAD & trauma history kids.
Try to find a good therapist for the kids who HAS EXPERIENCE WORKING WITH RAD KIDS.
Give yourself a break. There are workshops and conferences for parents raising RAD kids.
Take care of yourself.
Thanks. I love Christine's blog/vlog. It has helped many, many times. We have a great psychiatrist & 2 therapists working with her. She is still doing great in school but her dyslexia is starting to trip her up. I am just so worried about protecting my other daughter from harm. It is too late for shielding her from the chaos. Thanks again for the encouragement.