Hi there! I am hoping to induce lactation... and I need to be a bit on a fast track (we are receiving the baby in just a month).
I started regular BC... but only lasted a week. It made my stomach horribly ill (vomit, etc). I never have done well on the pill. So I switched to a progestrine only pill... which I have been taking for 4 days now.
I have been taking about 40-60mg of domperidone this whole time as well (about a week and half, two weeks)
Once I switched BC to the progestrine only.. I decide to start pumping. I am pumping every 3-4 hours for about 10-15 minutes (double electric pump). So far, I have only seen clear drops, and now a bit of yellowish/white drops. And yesterday and today (Day 3 and 4 of pumping)... pretty much nothing has come out.
I started taking the Blessed Thistle and Fenu Greek twice a day as well (three capsules of each, morning and night).
Any ideas?
Am I pumping too long? Should I just be patient and keep it up?
Should I stop taking the Progestrine?
Love any advice you can give!
How long will it usually take to see some changes in your breasts and milk?
I nursed both my biological daughters for over a year each (last time I nursed was about 3 years ago). I always had an excellent supply then... I know this is different because I was not pregnant first... so maybe I just need to be more patient?
Thanks in advance!
In your case, I think I would skip the birth control. Generally, you take the birth control to trick your body into thinking its pregnant before you start pumping. Since your baby is coming so soon and you are already pumping I think the pill could be counter productive for you. I take 80 mg of Domperidone per day- 20 mg four times per day. Have you seen the Newman-Goldfarb protocol for induced lactation? That is what I am following. I think that you are very likely to get some milk since you have nursed before. I also did a 3-4 AM pump for about the first month which I think really helped. I think 10-12 minutes of pumping is good, but I wouldn't do more than 15. My milk was yellow/watery for about the first 2 weeks. I never had the sensation of milk "coming in" because it was a very gradual increase. It sounds like you're on the right track!
Hi Momjensch,
I don't know how I managed to miss your post! I try to keep track of what is going on, on this board. Since it's been two months, I hope you are now nursing a baby!
I'll give you my opinion on some of what you asked, because someone else might be interested, even though I'm sure you've moved on to a different stage by now.
You should stop taking the progesterone or BCPs before you start pumping. With someone who has two months or less to prepare, it is best to go straight to domperidone, pumping and herbs. The use of dom, with BCPs or progesterone is meant to mimic the effects of pregnancy on the breast, by helping the milk producing structures to grow and multiply. During that process, milk production is not supposed to happen. Pumping or nursing a baby while doing that defeats the purpose. The dom and BCP or progesterone phase is really only helpful if someone can be on it for a bare minimum of two months, but really four or more, before they need to start pumping or nursing a baby.
I would bet that, had to stopped the progesterone, you would have been able to pump some milk. If the adoptive placement went through, I hope you are nursing. I've never seen anyone who had previously been pregnant who didn't produce a significant amount of milk just from nursing a baby on demand with the Lact-Aid, and most never pregnant moms do, too. If you, or anyone else, would like to join a Facebook group I am part of, let me know! We have moms with a very wide variety of situations, as far as their adoptions, what they used to start milk production, and what their response has been, as far as milk volume.
Thanks for posting. Yes, someone else is interested. i'm in the same situation. We've been matched and baby is due in one month. So, I was looking here to find out if its possible to get the breast prepared in time.
Thanks for you thoughts