Thanks to the miracle of embryo adoption, DH and I are expecting our first child in December (PTL, after 10 years of marriage). We are waiting to find out the sex. We are in agreement if it's a boy, but can't decide if it's a girl.
Gabriella or Natalia
Our last name is hyphenated and totals 5 syllables. Since the baby is expected during Advent, I was thinking that Natalia would be appropriate and if we ever have a second girl, regardless when she's born, we can call her Gabriella. Of course, the angel Gabriel is part and parcel of the whole Christmas story, even if the Annunciation doesn't fall during Advent, so there can be a case made for Gabriella as well.
Dh wants to poll people to get a sense of what others think and why. So here's your chance to weigh in
Conagratulations! I am so happy for you! What a long road you have traveled to get to this point!
Personally, my vote is Gabriella. :)
I know a little girl with one of those names, same age as our Little Man, and we sympathise that they both have long names with lots of letters and we will never buy them any of those letter trains or sets of letters for their bedroom door! But we also chose a long name for him!
Natalia is sounding good for baby girls,
I have few more suggestions for girls:
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Just to update, our precious Natalia is now a toddler. When introducing her to a priest at a new church, he commented that she was "named after her birth". Wasn't the intention, but also fits. After having to answer to so many "professionals" along the way and constantly worrying about a child being taken away from us, Natalia was born at home, completely on my terms.