When you had your homestudy did you have to have everything set up? Also, did they check your crib and such for regulation standard (i.e. drop down sides on the crib)? How prepared do I need to be?
Its different in every state. We had to have everything ready including having the crib set up and ready to go. We need to also have car seats for our age range, which is 0-5. Here they come out twice to your house as part of the homestudy (if not more) and we were told in class that by the 2nd visit you had to be prepared. I cant remember, if they checked or asked about the drop side crib or not. I do remember that they took pictures of the room.
Good luck
We are licensed for infants so yes we had to have our crib here for our worker to see. We already had both of our rooms set up. One of the rooms we had set up as an infant room with the crib/toddler convertible bed in it. We also have a twin bed that can be swapped out in that room if we need too. I don't know if it is required in every state but it was required in our state for her to pass the home inspection part of the homestudy.
We had to be set up with beds. If licensed 0-2 as well the crib had to be up. We were 0-5 so we had beds and a crib at licensing.
The main thing they looked for here is that you have a bed ready and the room size.
We have 2 cribs and found out one was recalled, but we converted it to a toddler bed. The CW didnt even check on teh crib models...but we did mention it was recalled but due to teh drop side and that is why it is strictly a toddle bed....(we didnt have a mattress for that bed at the time..but she didnt seem to notice).
For us (in Missouri) the licensing worker comes AFTER the homestudy (3 visits) is approved. It's for the licensing visit (which is when you sign the papers) you have to have all the rooms set up.
I talked with her, though, as well as a bunch of other foster parents and we ended up buying a pac-n-play (at a consignment store, but it was unopened) for $45. If we ever get an infant and they stayed longer than a couple months we would go buy a crib..... but in Missouri it's hit or miss with infants, so we went that route.
We're starting out with just pack 'n plays too - with the plan that if/when we need to, we could purchase a crib within a day or two of an actual placement.
(I got both of mine at garage sales - $10 and $15 each - I'm loving garage sale season this year for stocking up on everything we're going to need!)
(I got both of mine at garage sales - $10 and $15 each - I'm loving garage sale season this year for stocking up on everything we're going to need!)[/QUOTE]
I love yard sales too! last summer we bought nearly everything we'd need (well over a thousand dollars worth) for less than $100. we are approved for 2 and under- we talking crib, pack-n-play, 4 carseats, baby swing, bassinet, clothes, toys etc. everything we got was in great shape!:cheer:
We had to have everything in our room. Since we were looking for 1-4yrs, we had a crib and a twin trundle. Well, our first placement is 4mo and 15mo so we literally had re-arrange the entire room and borrow another crib.
If you have a drop down crib, there's instructions on the web to make the crib safer. Our FFA SW did check the rooms after they were placed as well.
We just had to prove we could get it on a moments notice. But I live in a 24 hour town so its no problem running out and buying a crib. Pack and plays are not acceptable for than a night or two at most. We had a very short term placement (who is still here a few weeks later ;)) and didn't want to buy a second crib but we the placement guy convinced us we really should or risk losing our license.
We didn't have to have anything but were told we were expected to have the means to get everything within 24 hrs so I slowly accumulated stuff at garage sales when I saw a good deal.
We did not have to have the room set up, but we do have to have a crib made after the giant recall which not only included drop down sides but the width of the slats. Our crib was $99 on sale at Target.
I agree that it sounds different everywhere so I would check with your agency.
For us (in KY) our worker has to come out at least 2 times for the home study. We didn't have to have our crib ready until the second visit. The first was more of a LONG interview- the second some interview but then our LW did the walk through and we had to have our cabinet locks, meds and liqueur properly stored and the room set up.
Also a big question of mine was if it was okay to use a pack n play with an infant sleeper/bassinet or a Rock N Play sleeper for an infant, knowing we could get a newborn and not being comfortable putting them straight in the crib. She said that was fine BUT you still have to have an actual crib set up as well.
Good luck!