This is a subject that I am very passionate about and advocate for: Adoptive nursing / adoptive breastfeeding.
Adoptive nursing is not common practice amongst the adoption world. Considering the beginnings that these kids have, it should be. It needs to be talked about & it needs to be made aware of. There are so many benefits to it that even the American Academy of Pediatrics supports it, including re-lactation.
If you have adopted or are in the process of adopting little ones and would like to learn more about adoptive nursing, please PM me & I will direct you as to where to go. If you have experience with adoptive nursing, we need you! We need your expertise and support.
It takes a village to raise a child. Adoptive nursing needs to be supported and discussed!
Thank you!
Admin: If you feel that this post should be deleted due to it's content, please PM me to let me know how I can introduce this very important topic without being deleted again. Thank you!
Now that I see that a different member posted a link to their FB support group, I can only assume that it's ok for me to post the link to my support group too. Here it is:
I have moved your post to the breastfeeding forum where it is more appropriate. I don't believe that anywhere will allow breastfeeding of foster children.
Thanks Debbie for at least not deleting it. I know that foster kids cannot be breastfed. That's why I posted in the foster to adopt forum. There's plenty of foster parents who are adopting that also need to be made aware of this subject. Most adopting parents of any kind are not even aware that adoptive nursing exists. I guess this is part of the problem with adoptive nursing not being better known- people are afraid to bring it into the spotlight.
Although it is true that most states do not allow foster mothers to breastfeed, I do know of cases where they have been given permission to do it. It's a topic I'm passionate about, too. I've nursed six adopted children, under a wide variety of situations, and have been working to try to help other mothers do it, too!
I am successfully nursing my 2 week old adopted daughter! It is amazing and I'm so glad I learned about it this time around. Still regret that I didn't know about it with my 7 year old! I would love to help other adoptive moms learn about it.
That's great, Sara! What did you do to induce and are you using either the Lact-Aid or SNS? I used both of those, but the Lact-Aid more. In my day, there wasn't nearly as much information or resources as there is now. But, I was very successful, I felt! I had to supplement, but my kids did great on a combination of my milk and some kind of formula, and it was a wonderful experience, for all of us. My youngest is leaving for college tomorrow and I've been doing lots of reminiscing! She nursed until she was 20 months old. When I ask her what she remembers about it she says it was "tasty"! Her older sister, who weaned at 25 months, says that she remembers feel very comfortable and safe when she nursed. I'm happy for you and your new baby!
I brought up breastfeeding interest in my parenting class and was glad they replied in such an enthusiastic way. We are still looking into changing from the agency to an atty, but hopefully soon I can look into this some more. Still haven't done the homestudy...Thanks! Jen :love: