Hi all. I took our FC to the Dr. this morning and they said he has Foot-Hand-And-Mouth disease. I let our SW know. What my question is, is when a child gets sick/injured does that automatically mean an investigation will follow? We have nothing to hide, but I must admit it is kinda scary.
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No; they know babies get sick. I would think they'd investigate if a baby has suspicious bruising.
Thanks, Millie! I didn't think so but wasn't sure. Gee, can you tell I'm a newbie! LOL! :banana:
I'm giggling but only because if they really wanted to investigate every time my medically fragile baby gets sicks/ill they may as well keep an investigator sitting outside my house because if she's not have a reaction/illness/etc there's something going on. I wouldn't worry. :)
All we need to do is take a health contact form showing why the child went to dr. even for well baby's we take them.
Our foster son just had the same illness!! I guess it is going around like crazy!!
He has had strep throught, a head cold, hand foot and mouth, and pink eye!! This in teh last 2 months!!! THank you daycare!!!! Thank goodness they dont investigate EVERY illness....I just email the CW of any appointment is diagnosis and medicine he is taking.
First thought: "goodness, no. why on earth would they do that?"
Second thought: "How sorry of a system that foster parents worry that an investigation is around every corner."
Our first foster baby ever (16years ago) had it too. It was so bad we had some lidocaine mixture for his throat so he could eat. Thankfully, none of the other five kids got it (we had a five year old and five two and under!).
Accidents and illness happens. They do have to report certain things like ER trips; but I've never had any of those, even the head injury one, turn into anything else.
My son was admitted to the hospital three times for illness before we finalized his adoption. (possible seizure, turned out to have pneumonia. Another case of pneumonia, and the third time was for vomiting blood.) No one batted an eye. I wouldn't stress about normal illnesses.
When I take foster kids to the doctor I always send a copy of the visit to prove that I took them. They are more likely to start an investigation over an urgent care visit or emergency room visit because in my area with my agency I'm required to call in a cps report for any urgent care or emergency room visit. They almost started an investigation over pink eye for an urgent care visit with my fs. The cps referral intake investigator was a little nutty to say the least. It got dropped, but they called me to talk about the daycare over the call my agency required me to make. I was not even blaming daycare but she asked about 25 questions about where he could have picked up the pink eye.
I was not even blaming daycare but she asked about 25 questions about where he could have picked up the pink eye.
Seriously? I might have been tempted to print out the details from WebMD that rightly explain that Pink Eye is highly contagious and you could even pick it up from a grocery cart!
OP, Hand Foot and Mouth is highly contagious and spreads through daycares AND there are FIVE strains of it! Chubbs and BE had it in june requiring me to be out of the office for a week. Some daycares don't make the kids stay out.
I read some research and just even mommy blogs a while back. And, there is something that happens to kids when they first start daycare. I call it Daycare Syndrome. They get every flipping bug there is! Most everything said that it calms down after 6 months, and I saw that with BE, knock wood.
The really good news? Daycare children tend to lose less school after they start grammar school than those who did not attend daycare because their immune systems were built up so well.