My wife and I have decided to adopt a second child in January 2012 3 years after getting our 2 years old girl home from Congo. The first adoption procedure was really overwhelming and took 3 years. I'm from France and currently living in UK. In Mars 2012 I have been in Benin for a project. There I have discovered an alternative to adoption long process. while commuting within the country I found many foster care and orphanage. I have been advised to apply for a guardianship if i'm interested about adoption. What I did. 3 months later I went back home with a 2 years old baby boy with the neccessary documents to finalize the adoption. I was then his legal guardian. Once at home we have started the adoption process and we are now his parents after a bit less than 1 year. This procedure is time saviour and cheaper. I hope my testimony help. Feel free to contact me for advices.
Please be aware that U.S. citizens cannot do what you have done. The child will not be eligible for a visa to enter the U.S. unless the parents have gone through the specific, applicable Hague or non-Hague process that the country requires for adoption, and unless the child meets USCIS requirements for an adoption visa. Yes, with some countries, the child can come home on a decree of guardianship for adoption here, if that is permitted in those countries, but the parents and child must follow the normal I-600 or I-800 processes. If they do not, they may have to live overseas with the child for two years and then apply for a regular visa, or they may have to return the child to the orphanage.
Unfortunately, too many U.S. citizens have committed themselves to adoption of a child overseas after seeing him/her in an orphanage/foster home, or after talking to a birthmother, only to discover that they cannot immigrate the child unless they live overseas with him/her for two years. They have taken on legal and moral responsibility for the child, yet if they cannot spend two years overseas, they cannot bring him/her home.