Yup, it's been asked before, but I guess it's my turn :)
This is probably not an unfamiliar story to most of you. My husband and I have tried for about 12 years to have a baby. We've done assorted ART, IUIs, and IVFs and had 2 miscarriages. It's not happening for us. We considered surrogacy, but we don't want to deal with more fertility treatments and clinics. We think that adoption will work for us. Yes, it has its own pitfalls and uncertainties, but at least it'll be different stresses, you know?
Anyway, both my husband and I are 36 yr old. We have a very stable home, with both of us happily working in jobs we love. Insert the "all of our friends and families say that we'd make great parents line here." :)
We don't really care about the race or sex of the baby, but we'd like a healthy infant. We'd prefer an open adoption with birthparents that could have some level of interaction, whatever we all work out that we're comfortable with, including visits or letters/pictures or whatever. I'm a huge softie (maybe a complete optimist) in believing that maybe we all could be friends together, but, hey, I can dream.
So, if there's anyone that's had a great or awful experience with an agency in MD, or who can recommend a trustworthy adoption facilitator, you have my complete gratitude. Otherwise, if you got to the bottom of this letter, thanks for reading all the same.