Hi there,
Can anyone that has information regarding Adoption Access shutting down please help me or PM if you feel that's better?
I saw that they had a lawsuit but didn't realize they had completely shut down. We have been sending our daughter's birthmother the regular letters and now I have no idea where they have been going. She never contacts us so I didn't think anything was out of the ordinary until I tried to call ADAC today.
I guess they must have contacted adoptive parents by email to inform them of this shut down???? I guess my email wasn't up to date because I didn't get anything and no letters were mailed to our home.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.Thank you!
Thank you hooverlicious and ruth for your quick PM's. I feel a little better than I did this morning!!
Have any of you found how to contact parents on the other side of this situation? my siblings and i have all turned 18 and we are trying to connect with our birth parents through adoption access dallas. i dont know how else to find the resources necessary to legally contact them. all i know is that we should go though the agency. thanks again!
-Tom Tobin
I need information on this as well. I have tried several times to do internet searches to find who to contact in order to be reconnected with the family that adopted my daughter in 2007 with no success thus far. Any help will be greatly appreciated. The last contact I had was 2012.