So I was wondering how the homestudy process has been for you guys. I know having an active duty husband is going to effect the process a bit but just wanted to hear how you guys worked around it! :)
I'm on shore duty, so it's been relatively easy to work through my home study. The hardest parts were (1) gathering all the documents and (2) writing the profile/letter to expectant mother. You can do most of that on your own, except fingerprints and DMV records. He'll need to be present for meetings with the SW and attend the trainings, so you'll have to be super organized when it comes to scheduling, and I know that can be difficult with ship schedules.
Think about your plans for emergencies if your husband is deployed - are you going to go live with family, do you have a local support system, what if you get sick? I'm pretty sure that somewhere along the line, those questions will be asked, by the agency, the SW, or the expectant mom.
Thanks so much for your reply! I am glad to hear it can be done! Luckily my husband doesn't have any deployments coming up just short under ways so hopefully we can schedule around those. I didn't even think about those questions being asked! Thanks for the heads up! :)