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Important Tips for Becoming a Therapeutic Parent
1) Dont take your childҒs behaviors personally.
2) Dont forget to take care of yourself- i.e. physical exercise and nutrition
3) DonҒt forget to extend to yourself the same patience and grace you extend to your child.
4) Remember that the childs behaviors are based in fear (and sometimes in shame), even though they may be expressed as anger, aggression, violence and rejection.
5) Remaining calm, regulated, and positive yourself is the key to making any strategy successful.
6) If your childҒs behaviors are triggering emotional issues for you, seek counseling for yourself (and for your marriage). Ask your childs attachment therapist for recommendations.
7) Reach out to other parents for support, both locally and through ATN.
8) Build respite (breaks from your child) into your familyҒs life. This is important for each parent, for the parents as a couple (date nights) and for the parents to spend time with siblings.
9) Read, study and practice!!!!!