So I know that Medicare picks up the tab for whatever isn't covered by our primary insurance. But does that count towards the deductible or is that only if WE pay for it?
IOW, I pay for my doctor visits in full and the amount gets applied to our deductible. Easy. But when AS goes to the doctor, we never see a bill b/c whatever isn't covered by the primary insurance gets sent off to and paid for by Medicare. But should the amount of his doctor visit still get applied to the deductible or not?
I can see this differing between insurance agencies, I would call your provider and ask them what their policy is.
If it works like typical insurance it should look something like this
for example
Your Plan has a 500 deductible 2500 max out of pocket and an 80/20 overall care
You're billed for 750 (lets say Dr visit blood work etc)
Your plan pays 250 medicaid pays 500 which would be considered hitting your deductible
Then you get billed 100 say for Well kid visit
Your insurance pays 80 medicaid pays 20
and so on
ETA: Once medicaid has paid 2500 the rest would be completely on your insurance as the max out of pocket would be hit
So even though Medicaid paid the 500 and not me, that counts towards the deductible??? Sweet. I'm going to check our policy but all the wording is so much gobbledygook that I dread having to read it.
It should because as far as your primary insurance in concerned you did pay it (their transaction stops with what they pay how you pay it is not really their problem), and without medicaid you would be responsible for it.