Adjustment to Parenting Study
A clinical psychology study is seeking adults ages 18 and over, who have been involved in a current or past romantic relationship with a partner with whom they gave birth to or adopted a child. We invite them to participate in an online survey.
We are hoping to learn more about how parents adjust to caring for biological, adopted, special-needs, and non-special needs children. By participating in this study, you will be granted the opportunity to enroll in a lottery drawing to win a $25 gift certificate to Your odds of winning are 1 in 30, as one name will be picked per 30 participants. There are no restrictions to winning; you may decide to withdraw from the study at any point and you will still be entered into the lottery.
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This procedure is being conducted solely for research purposes. During the experimental session you will be asked to fill out a form indicating your gender, ethnicity, age, education level, and income bracket, as well as similar information on your childs other parent. You will then be asked to complete a series of questions about your relationship with your childҒs other parent, and provide some basic, non-identifying information on your child. You do not need to be currently involved or in touch with your childs other parent to participate.
The survey allows you to skip items if you choose to do so. Choosing this option will in no way affect your participation and you will still be eligible to enroll in the gift certificate lottery.
For more information, please contact Jessica Eddins, M.A., at, or Dr. Shelly Goldklank, Ph.D., at
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
IRB Number: 2014-3544
IRB Approval Date: 08/14/2014