Hello to all you wonderful parents!
How much do you include the traditions and culture of your child's birth country in your home?
What are some ideas of activities or educational experiences you've done with them, regarding their birth land?
:dominica: :macedonia: :puertorico: :ghana: :azerbaijan: :southvietnam: :taiwan: :honduras: :uruguay: :somalia: :mauritius: :iraq:
Excited to hear what you have to say about this!
Thank you, Admin
My children have books and toys and other things from their homelands. We also have Christmas ornaments, and decorations. We talk about the cultures and we often have foods from there. Lately they are less interested, but they are teens so they are into fitting in and such, so it's kind of back burner now, but the books and the other items are still here for when they are interested.
Great Ideas Momraine! Even if these things are on the back burner right now, your kids will remember you introducing all these fun cultural activities and items from their birth countries!