If you need the step parent adoption forms just let me know your email address. I was fortunate enough to have someone email me a copy and they were successful! Our adoption was granted Sept 29th!
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Hello, if able would you please forward me the forms you have. I am about to file and wanted to make sure my ducks are in a row. Thanks A BUNCH.
Hi, Congratulations of the adoption being granted! I hope I am there soon. Is there any way you can send me the forms that you used. Me and my husband have been wanting him to adopt my daughter for 5 years now and always thought we were going to have to use a lawyer but financially that wasn't possible. Now reading these stories of success I know we can do this on our own. My email is BrandyDarst13@yahoo.com. Thank you so much and again congratulations.
Congratulations on your adoption and thanks for your willingness to share the forms. The only one I need right now, and it is urgent, is the voluntary release of parental rights for the state of Texas. Please email the forms or the link to darrylportia@icloud.com.
Thanks and take care!