I am new to this forum and completely new to adoption. I am just trying to do some research on how adoption works and if we are even eligible to adopt. I am looking into adopting an Indian baby.
We are greed card holders from India. We have been TTC for 5 years - multiple failed IVF cycles. I am just thinking maybe adoption is our next step if we want to have a child in our lives.
I am not sure whether I can adopt internationally (from India) with a green card. I assume we need to be US citizens to do so. But I have also heard that it takes years for an international adoption to work. If so can I start the process right now?
Also is it possible to get an Indian baby domestically to adopt? Has anyone seen this here in the USA?
I have a lot of questions. Just hoping to get some insight here.
thank you in advance.
The only ' Eastern Indian ' Babies that I have seen recently is . India has a high success rate with ' Surrogacy .'
Surrogacy is more ' You are Biologically the Parent (s) . ' Than Adoption will be or is!!
International Adoption is a 3 step processing.
Your ability to prove. That you can be Both Parents and a Family for a Child...
US Immigrations Services
India's Acceptance of you as Parents and a Family for one or more of ' Their Children '......