Hi everyone,
We feel much of relief and blessed as we have recently come back home with our kids adopted from Ukraine!!!!
I cannot say that our adoption journey was as rough as it had seemed to us in the beginning when we first had been reading discouraging facts about enormous adoption expenses and much of uncertainty pertaining to international adoption.
We are really thankful to Cathy Stone who showed us the adoption trail she had taken twice and connected us with her experienced and knowledgeable Ukrainian adoption facilitator who made our dream come true.
Cathy has inspired and encouraged us to adopt from Ukraine having shown us affordable and reliable way to adopt from Ukraine.
Anyone considering international adoption can find her posts regarding her adoption experience, timing, adoption fees and assistance in Ukraine ( [url][/url]
[url][/url] )
After successful adoption and meeting so many orphaned kids in Ukraine I feel double inspiration and motivation to help anyone considering adoption of kids over 5 years of age or younger kids together with their older siblings.
Though adoption things are rather strict in Ukraine, one can make it smoothly with the help of reliable adoption facilitator.
Great things are happening...
If our experience can be of any help, please, feel free to contact me.
We are just starting to look into adopting from Ukraine and I had seen Cathy's post as well about not using an agency. However, I think the rules have changed and I'm being told that as of July 2014, Americans have to use a Hague accredited agency for our side of the process. Just wondering if you can shed some light on this? Also, I'm encouraged to hear that you completed your adoption successfully as all the recent stories I can find are unsuccessful ones because of the political changes going on there right now. How long did it take you start to finish? Please PM me or I will give you my e-mail. All the success stories I have read have been 2012 and earlier so I am excited that you have made it home. Thank you for your help.
Our dossier was submitted to the DFCS by July 2014 so the law did not touch us.
Though initially we were worried that it could affect our independent adoption. So I read comments on the law here:
[url=]Universal Accreditation Act of 2012 | Intercountry Adoption[/url]
As I understood the law concerns only US side making any prospective adopters apply to accredited agencies in US to get paperwork like home-study completed by them, get their post-adoption services and stuff like that. But I have found nothing that concerns adoption assistance in a foreign country (country of adoption).
Also our facilitator says that Ukraine does not have any law like that and independent facilitators are not obliged by any of Ukrainian laws to be accredited or work with accredited agencies only. Nothing has changed in this respect in Ukraine.
So as I understand as soon as you come to Ukraine you still can use any independent facilitator you like and trust.
It took us a little bit more than 13 months to complete our process from the very first step in US till arrival back home. In fact it would have been shorter if I had not gotten stuck with my job. In addition to that we had two interviews with the DFCS as we did not choose any child during the first one. But our facilitator did a great job and we did not have to wait much for the second interview.
We also had met several disappointed families at the DFCS who finally adopted.
But we were open to ages from 16 months 12 years which helped us a lot I think.
Would you mind pming me with contact info please? We are just embarking on Ukrainian adoption and I have some question. Dearly appreciated.