Hello! My name is Rachel Stenger and I am an undergraduate at Ball State University completing my final project for my psychology major. I am doing a study on the relationship between adoptive identity and family communication patterns. I would greatly appreciate the participation of adoptees over the age of 18. Please click on the link to complete the survey.
If you could also pass along the link to any other adoptee that you know, that would be helpful as well. Thanks for your time!
From the survey:
Indicate whether you have an open relationship with your birth parents.
Closed: secured records and little to no contact with birth parents
Open: open records and the possibility of open contact with birth parents
This binary choice is really inadequate. Many grew up with closed records but were able to find their original parents later as either records were opened legally or through other methods (search using DNA, etc).
Not to mention that:
an open adoption does not equal open records
an open adoption does not mean contact
All open means today is that perhaps the prospective adoptive parents meet the mother (and sometimes the father), updates are sent by the adoptive parents, sometimes direct but also can be sent to the agency....and in reality probably most are only sent to the mother by birth - the father doesn't factor into it.
If you read adoption agencies today - most don't include in person visits in their marketing materials - they will provide (sometimes even visits).
Open adoption today is far more closed than what open meant even five years ago.
Open now is really pretty much semi-open at best and closed when the adoptive parents don't even tell the child they send bi-yearly updates....
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